We’ve Moved!

Today we closed escrow on the sale of our town home in Santa Clarita (Saugus). Two years ago we bought a 3 bedroom, 2 ½ bath unit, in a complex at the corner of Seco Cyn and Copper Hill Rd, with a two-car garage and about 1300 square feet. In spite of the hassles of moving, we decided it was a good time to sell, because it looks like the housing market may finally be peaking. Of course, we thought it had almost peaked 2-3 years ago, but it just kept going higher. But prices have risen to such a level that we’ll soon reach a point – in fact we may already be there – where just a very small minority of households can afford to purchase a home in certain areas of Southern California.

Even though house prices may continue to rise, we decided it was time for us to cash out after having made an average yearly return of about 150% on our leveraged investment. It’s hard to do better than that! (Many people have fared even better.) We even considered selling sooner, but we needed to live in our place for at least two years in order to claim the allowed tax exemption on the proceeds. We’ll invest the funds for at least a few years (perhaps several) until prices decline sufficiently, and we’ve just about hit bottom. Then we can hopefully afford to purchase a single family home with a back yard, enough room for the kids to play, and maybe even space to plant a garden. Whether that takes place in a locale such as Southern California, where hoards of people put up with smog and traffic congestion for a slice of sunshine, remains to be seen, But we’re extremely grateful that the timing so far has worked in our favor.

We initially looked at the possibility of relocating to another city, such as Burbank (where I work) or Simi Valley (close to friends and family), but it turns out good ‘ole Santa Clarita is where we’ll stay for now. With the addition of a new baby to our family, we wanted to minimize the number of changes taking place all at once, and we’re already familiar with where everything is located in Santa Clarita. So we found a quaint two bedroom apartment just two blocks from our old place. The apartments are called “Provence” and have a number of amenities, such as an Olympic-size pool that’s heated year-round, a fitness center and a business center with computers and fax machines – not to mention cookies baked fresh each day! The complex is in Valencia on the corner of McBean Pkwy and Copper Hill Dr. Feel free to drop by and pay us a visit sometime!

About Tony Sneed

Sr. Software Solutions Architect, Hilti Global Application Software
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8 Responses to We’ve Moved!

  1. Ingrid Weeks says:

    Dear Tony and Zuzana;

    Congratulations to your new apartment.
    Thank you also for the washer and dryer and of thinking of us.
    I’d like to offer my help with anything you need. This Friday,Sat,Sun., Mark needs to paint the upstairs apt. so that we can start renting it again, so I have to watch the kids.
    But next week or thereafter, I could help or come by. Just let me know. (work #661-254-2400).
    Could you also let me know your new address or are you using the old PO Box address for mailing?
    Love, Ingrid

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Ingrid!

    Mark helped me last night, and early this morning, to move the last of the things that were left. Couldn’t have done it by myself — he was a true God-send.

    Our mailing address has stayed the same. We use the Post Office Box so that we don’t have to fret about notifiying everyone whenever we move. Here it is:

    PO Box 801534, Santa Clarita, CA 91380-1534

    We’d love to see you, so we’ll get in touch to set it up!

  3. Alan says:

    Great to hear about the move guys!!
    Looking forward to checking out the new place… !

    Love Buffy Jo & Alan

  4. luca says:

    Great Tony, I’m coming in Feb.2006 and I wanna see it!!!

    take care and say hello to Zuzana.

    your friend.

  5. Tony says:

    Hey Buffy and Alan,

    Come on over! We’d love to see you.

    – T + Z + K

  6. TulipGirl says:

    Wow! Congrats! We’re in a housing market that is still on the upward swing. But we’re still among the last of the red hot renters as Florence King says.

  7. Maja says:

    Lepsie neskoro ako nikdy:) Blahozelam k novemu byvaniu! Keby ste mali nieco, co zaujme nasich citatelov, mozte dat vediet. Februarova aj marcova uzavierka je tretieho (3.2.06, 3.3.06). Nech sa Vam dari! Maja

  8. Fr. Norm says:

    Congratulations on your new home. I am very happy for you. Hope to see you and the baby sometime.
    Fr. Norm

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