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Trackable Entities – Now with Repository and Unit of Work

When I released v1.0 of my Trackable Entities Framework, it came with a lot of developer goodness: NuGet packages, Visual Studio project templates, a VSIX installer available from Visual Studio’s Extensions Gallery, Getting Started guides and a screencast. From the … Continue reading

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Trackable Entities versus Self-Tracking Entities

In this blog post I’d like to perform an in-depth comparison between my own Trackable Entities framework and the now deprecated Self-Tracking Entities, written by the Entity Framework team at Microsoft. Because STE’s were discontinued with EF v4, there’s the … Continue reading

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API Improvements in Trackable Entities v1.01

I’d like to announce version 1.01 of Trackable Entities, which fixes a few issues and adds two methods to the API. DbContext.AcceptChanges: You want to call this method after performing inserts or updates in service operations (Web API or WCF), … Continue reading

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Trackable Entities Version 1.0 Released!

I am pleased to announce the release of Trackable Entities version 1.0 – with support for both WCF and ASP.NET Web API with Visual Studio 2012 and 2013! The idea behind this tool is simple: enable you to build n-tier … Continue reading

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Trackable Entities: N-Tier Support for Entity Framework

Writing N-Tier apps can get complicated fast.  Consider the assortment of n-tier technologies now consigned to the ash heap of history: WCF RIA Services, Self-Tracking Entities, and good old typed DataSets.  These have all suffered from lack of interoperability and … Continue reading

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Webinar: N-Tier Entity Framework with DTOs

I recently delivered a free webinar for DevelopMentor on n-tier application development using Entity Framework 4.0.  In it I explained how to use what I call “Trackable Data Transfer Objects” to achieve the same result as “Self-Tracking Entities” but using … Continue reading

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So Cal Code Camp Session on Entity Framework 4.0

I’ll be presenting a session at Southern California Code Camp entitled “What’s New in Entity Framework 4.0” on Sunday Nov 22nd. I gave the talk yesterday at the conference, which took place at USC.  The room was filled to capacity … Continue reading

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