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Customize EF Core Scaffolding with Handlebars Templates

With the release of Entity Framework Core 2.1 we finally have a version of EF Core that is ready for prime time.  EF Core is a complete re-write of its predecessor Entity Framework 6, which has been married to the … Continue reading

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It’s here! Trackable Entities for EF Core!

The idea behind my open source Trackable Entities project is quite simple: track changes to an object graph as you update, add and remove items, then send those changes to a back end service where they can be saved in … Continue reading

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React to JavaScript object updates with observable-entities-js

I just published my first TypeScript library — observable-entities.  It contains base classes that notify observers when properties are updated and when objects are added or removed from collections. The code for observable-entitites-js can be found here: Node sample app that uses observable-entities … Continue reading

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Introducing TypeScript Library Starter Lite

Some time ago I wrote a blog post series on Getting Visual Studio Code Ready for TypeScript.  The ultimate goal was to build a TypeScript library with Visual Studio Code by stitching together all the pieces you needed to compile … Continue reading

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Turbocharge VS Code for Angular Development

I like using Visual Studio Code for my Angular development, because it is TypeScript-friendly, supports in-editor Chrome Debugging, and has numerous extensions for boosting productivity.  In this post I’d like to show how you can turbocharge VS Code to make … Continue reading

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Scaffold an Express Front End with Angular CLI

In my last post I explained how to build scalable Web API’s with Express and Async/Await.  The next chapter in the story is to build a cross-platform front end that consumes the back end Web API.  While there are a number … Continue reading

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Scalable Web API’s with Express and Async-Await

If you’re a C# developer, you’ve most likely fallen in love with async / await. It makes writing asynchronous code as natural as writing non-asynchronous code, resulting in code that is easier to read, debug and maintain. The exciting news is … Continue reading

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