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Real-World MVVM with Entity Framework and ASP.NET Web API

I just completed a sample application using Simple MVVM Toolkit together with Trackable Entities to build a real-world N-Tier solution with a WPF client and portable POCO entities that are automatically change-tracked and sent to an ASP.NET Web API service … Continue reading

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Android and iOS Development with Simple MVVM Toolkit? Yes you can!

Note: This is Part 1 of a three part series.  This post deals with iOS development. Part 2 will delve into Android development, and Part 3 will discuss how to create a Simple Mvvm Portable Library with code that can … Continue reading

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Simple MVVM Toolkit v 5.0 for VS 2013

Update: The VSIX installer for version of Simple MVVM Toolkit includes the toolkit code snippets! They are included as a pkgdef (VS add-in). So after installing the toolkit, press Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X and select a C# or XAML snippet from … Continue reading

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Simple MVVM Toolkit for Silverlight 5.0, Windows Phone 7.1

I’ve just upgraded my Simple MVVM Toolkit to support Silverlight 5.0 and Windows Phone 7.1!  You can download the latest version here and take it for a spin – or get it from the Visual Studio Extensions Gallery by opening … Continue reading

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Commands versus Event Triggers in MVVM

Recently I’ve received some questions from the Simple MVVM Toolkit’s discussion forum on when to use commands versus Blend-style event triggers. For several reasons I tend to favor event triggers over commands in most scenarios, especially for Silverlight applications. Download … Continue reading

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Validation with Simple MVVM Toolkit

In version 2.1 of Simple MVVM Toolkit I added support for validation with INotifyDataErrorInfo. This interface obsolesces IDataErrorInfo because it does everything that interface did but enables additional functionality: Multiple validation errors per property Entity-level validation Asynchronous server-side validation INotifyDataErrorInfo … Continue reading

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Simple MVVM Toolkit 2.1 Released!

There has been some good feedback on the project discussion board for Simple MVVM Toolkit. So I’ve incorporated most of the requested features and improvements and rolled them into an update. Version 2.1 includes support for validation with INotifyDataErrorInfo for … Continue reading

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Simple MVVM Toolkit versus MVVM Light Toolkit

Now that I’ve released Simple MVVM Toolkit version 2, people are starting to ask how it stacks up against some of the other MVVM Toolkits out there. (MVVM, which stands for Model-View-ViewModel, is a UI design pattern that provides better … Continue reading

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Screencast for Getting Started with Simple Mvvm Toolkit

I have just published the very first screencast for the Simple Mvvm Toolkit.  It shows you how to install the toolkit and use a Visual Studio project template to create a Silverlight MVVM app in just a few minutes. You’ll … Continue reading

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Simple Mvvm Toolkit Version 2.0: Better and Even Easier to Use

I have just released version 2.0 of the Simple Mvvm Toolkit on CodePlex, NuGet and the Visual Studio Extensions Gallery. Now all you have to do to get it is open Visual Studio and select Extensions Manager from the Tool … Continue reading

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