Simple MVVM Toolkit 2.1 Released!

There has been some good feedback on the project discussion board for Simple MVVM Toolkit. So I’ve incorporated most of the requested features and improvements and rolled them into an update.

Version 2.1 includes support for validation with INotifyDataErrorInfo for Silverlight apps, and ViewModels now perform dirty-checking. The toolkit has been marked as CLS-compliant so that VB.NET programmers can use it. I’ve made the MessageBus class public so that non-ViewModel classes can use it. And I’ve added navigation support for Windows Phone apps.

There are also new samples demonstrating validation with RIA Services and Windows Phone navigation support.

Download the new version of the toolkit here:

It is also available from within the Visual Studio Extensions Manager, which directs you to the gallery:

And on the NuGet open-source gallery:



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12 Responses to Simple MVVM Toolkit 2.1 Released!

  1. Nitin Sonawane says:

    Thankyou, your help is greatly appreciated !!!!

    Thanks & Regards
    Nitin Sonawane

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  3. Nitin Sonawane says:

    Hi Tony,

    When you open pop up window on click Add button then validation is not working and button can not be disabled. Its working fine for edit screen( when you change something on pop up screen then OK button is disabled)

    Example: I have one scenario, On click add new customer button, I have show pop up window here customer name is mandatory field but the validation it not show around text box & OK button is enabled & when i click it show error.(On entity level Customer name is mandatory field)

    So How I can show on validation on Add Screen & the ok button is disabled please reply as soon as possible?.
    Also If you have any screen cast on Validation topic in Simple MVVM RIA Service(Except entity-level and async validation, webinar on WCF RIA Services.)

  4. Nitin Sonawane says:

    Hi Tony,

    I can not find the SimpleMvvm-RiaValidation sample application?

    • Tony Sneed says:

      The SimpleMvvm-RiaValidation sample application is under the “Other” sample apps folder (not Main). It should be there after you run the installer for Simple Mvvm Toolkit 2.1.

      • Nitin Sonawane says:

        Thanks….I got it !!!!!!!!!!

      • Nitin Sonawane says:

        Thanks Tony !!!!! I got it.

        But when I click on add button the Ok button is always disabled, It can not be enabled so How I can add the Item? Also it does not show validation message.

        Its working fin for edit Item.

        Please reply as soon as possible.

        Thanks & Regards
        Nitin Sonawane

  5. Hari Iyer says:

    Hi Tony
    A big Thank You!! for making Life easier for newbie developers like myself. The Simple MVVM toolkit 2.1 is intuitive and very powerful.The tutorials are an added PLUS. I regret to bother you but I have hit a dead end and don’t know where to turn, I need you help please sir !!

    I have encountered a small problem afer completing the MAIN TUTORIAL part 3 ( migrating from Soap to WCF RIA) and the error I get when I try to “SaveChanges” is as follows:
    Submit operation failed. An error occurred while updating the entries. See the inner exception for details. InnerException message: Invalid column name ‘RowVersion’.

    I get the same error in the “AFTER” solution providedin the download.

    Thanks and Best regards
    Hari Iyer

  6. Tony, not to be a nag, but I was having the same problem tonight for several hours, on code that I just downloaded this weekend. I’m didn’t see any references to this on the codeplex discussion, so I was assuming it must be something with my environment. Hurray for Google once again to bring me here to your comment! I already wrote a glowing review of the toolkit but will repeat it here. For someone like myself who has a long career in .net but had never dabbled in Silverlight/WPF/WP7 until now, your framework is a godsend. Everyone who makes use of your tools and teaching is greatly indebted to you.

  7. Tony Sneed says:

    Forgot about this one … Been busy lately, but things are starting to ease up. Appreciate the reminder to remove RowVersion from the model in the Part 3 of the main sample. I’ll post a reply here when I’ve done that. Cheers, Tony

    P.S. Thanks for the kudos!

  8. Bryan Krossley says:

    I’m new to WPF and MVVM. I have been trying to get up buttons that have binding. I have not been to successful in this area. Can your system help me with that.

    Bryan K

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