Tony's Simple Events Helper

Ah, it’s been a looooong while since I posted something to my technical blog. After having “gone dark” for the last few months, I am finally emerging from my self-imposed seclusion and putting up something you might find useful.

A while back, I wrote a simplified version of Juval Lowy’s EventsHelper class. The reason he wrote the class was to encapsulate defensive event publishing, so you could safely fire off an event while protecting against subscribers that might throw exceptions or tie up the publisher’s thread. Unfortunately, in the second edition, he added so many overloads that it totally over-complicated the interface. So I created my own version, with just the standard EventHander. Much much better. Feel free to download and use my SimpleEventsHelper! The source code is there for you to examine and learn from. Enjoy.

About Tony Sneed

Sr. Software Solutions Architect, Hilti Global Application Software
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