A New Chapter

Tony & KeriToday my son, Kerrigan, turned one year old. And boy, what a year it’s been. Not only for him, but also for me and for my wife Zuzana – for us as a family. We found out February 2005 that Zuzana was pregnant with our first child. I was attending a leaders’ meeting for KJB over in the Czech Republic, so I immediately shared the good news with everyone there, including the founder, Ricardo.

I remember taking our Bradley class the following summer, then the Preparation for Parenting course from GFI. The weeks following the birth were filled with swaddling and shushing. We moved to Slovakia at the end of May, about two months after I left Disney. After spending 3 weeks finding an apartment and another three weeks settling in, we all picked up and flew back to Los Angeles, so I could complete the long-but-worth-the-wait process of actually becoming an instructor for DevelopMentor.

It took me almost eleven months, from the first call to DM until my first class in Boston this last October. From what I hear, that’s about average. The process included a telephone technical interview, followed by two test teaches (in-person interviews with several people in the room) and three sessions with Pai Mei (you can only imagine what that must have been like). In between I sat though two courses, one of which was a Guerilla .Net course last July in London, and a Train the Trainer workshop, plus a company retreat in Toronto, Canada. The most arduous part was about three months of almost full-time preparation to teach Essential .Net, which consists of 5 days of instructions and labs.

I just now returned from another company retreat, this time for the European instructors, held in Barcelona, Spain. Just an amazing group of gurus – I got smarter just being in the same room for a couple days!

About Tony Sneed

Sr. Software Solutions Architect, Hilti Global Application Software
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