EF4 Beta 2 Kicks It Up a Notch

The ADO.NET team has released an update along with Beta 2 of .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010.  From the looks of it, they got a lot of nifty features in there, obviating the need for an out-of-cycle CTP.  Having briefly scanned the list, what stands out to me is the foreign key support (now the default for entity relations), the improvements to POCO, and generation of complex types from stored procedures.  I can hardly wait to dig in … I just wish I weren’t so busy!

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2 Responses to EF4 Beta 2 Kicks It Up a Notch

  1. Hi Tony,
    I’ve been carrying around the Dec 2008 MSDN magazine for many months referring to your excellent article “SOA Data Access”. I am a part-time programmer who likes to stay as current and adopt the latest technologies, but I have been challenged by EF. I can’t ever get an update to work, even when I closely copy your example code. L2S is easier. But, over time, I came to realize that the lesson of your article is that the data access method doesn’t matter much. It’s the POCOs. In which case I may as well stick with what I’ve been using and know well. ADO.Net. (Maybe they’ve fixed EF in v4, but I regret all the frustration I have endured so far in EFv1. I wish they wouldn’t release stuff until it’s ready.)

  2. Tony says:

    Hello Burton,

    Thans for sharing your experience with EF v.1. You’re certainly not alone in your frustraions, but I would encourage you to give EF 4.0 a chance. In order to use ADO.NET in an SOA app, you’d probably end up writing your own mapper, which L2S and EF have already done for you. EF 4.0 removes all the obstacles you had to overcome with the prior version when writng n-tier apps. I’m about to write a post on self-tracking entities, but they make n-tier development with EF much easier. EF 4.0 will be released with .NET 4.0 in March 2010.

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