WCF RIA Services Talk

At 6 pm on Thursday January 13th, 2011, I’ll be presenting a talk on WCF RIA Services at the Dallas .NET Developer Group.  Go here to register:


Turbocharge Silverlight Development with WCF RIA Services

Writing a full-fledged Rich Internet Application presents a number of daunting challenges: forced n-tier, async, latency, validation, concurrency, and authentication.  WCF RIA Services simplifies and streamlines the process with support for query composability, change-tracking and batch updates, attributes for presentation and data validation, shared code and async support.  In this seminar Tony will pull back the curtain to show you how RIA Services performs its magic, and he’ll provide tools and techniques to reduce the time and effort required to build Silverlight business applications.

UPDATE: Had a fantastic time with the Dallas dev community.  Here are the slides and code from the talk: http://bit.ly/ddnug-ria

About Tony Sneed

Sr. Software Solutions Architect, Hilti Global Application Software
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2 Responses to WCF RIA Services Talk

  1. Robb Sadler says:

    Thanks for the talk last night! It was a real wow for me and my co-worker.

    Also blessings on your upcoming new arrival!



  2. Tony,

    The presentation was awesome, thank you. WCF RIA Services is a great technology that provides a fool-proof pattern to design n-tier apps.

    Looking forward to more presentations and web casts by you.

    Best regards,

    Muhammad Haroon

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