Simple MVVM Toolkit: Feature Rich with WPF and WP7 Support

I’ve rounded out the feature set of my Simple MVVM Toolkit to include a Message Bus (also known as an event aggregator or mediator) for loosely coupled communication among view-models and to support MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework0 for dependency injection (also known as inversion of control) of service agents to better enable unit testing of view-models.  I’ve included in the download sample applications for these features, including how to drive page navigation from business logic in view-models with command-binding.  I’ve also updated the online documentation to cover these features.

On top of all that I’ve also added support for both WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and WP7 (Windows Phone).  Now you can use the toolkit with basically any kind of MS UI platform.

I’d like to emphasize once again that, while the toolkit includes every feature you need to develop robust UI applications using the MVVM design pattern, the approach I’ve taken focuses on simplicity and ease of use.  In other words, I’ve designed the toolkit to help you get up and running with MVVM as quickly as possible without chasing your tail pursuing things like zero code-behind or completely concealing the model from the view.  For this reason I have provided over half a dozen sample applications, each with step-by-step instructions, including a real-world end-to-end sample that uses WCF and Entity Framework.

What’s next?  I would like to complete another version of the end-to-end sample in order to futher demonstrate using the Message Bus with page navigation and dependency injection for unit testing.  Then I intend to provide a sample of using the toolkit with WCF RIA Services.

About Tony Sneed

Sr. Software Solutions Architect, Hilti Global Application Software
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